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Posted April - 19 - 2010
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!


The much anticipated second annual Singhs International Camp 2010 is taking place August 29th through September 3rd at the beautiful Mountanview Summer Campsite (Camp Hope) in Hope, British Columbia, Canada. View the Camp 2010 Page for all the details!
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  1. Jivaan SIngh says:

    The Nitnem paat in this video is very nice, especially the salok ‘ gurdev mata gurdev pita’ any chance u can uypload the full audio of the salok gurdev mata gurdev pita and otehr audios from the camp?

  2. Nathanial Stewart says:

    I practice the traditional martial art of Rapier fencing, and I seek to learn new techniques that may be particularly effective against multiple opponents. I am very interested in Shastar Vidya, as I have heard that some of the most effective techniques in fighting one vs. multiple opponents can be found in your tradition. I realize that the practice of Shastar Vidya is part of the Sikh religion, and I respect that, and simply ask if you may be able to put me in contact with an expert so that I may share and learn of this great martial tradition. Please let me know whom I may contact. I am located in Seattle, WA, USA. Thank you for your kind assistance with my request.

    Nathanial Stewart, DVM
    (253) 691-7537

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